Sinofaith Intellectual Property Group is one of the largest integrated intellectual property service providers in China, boasting professional teams of more than 500 people in varies fields of intellectual property. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has subsidiaries in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Chicago, San Francisco etc. Through years of efforts, Sinofaith has been able to provide full scope services that covers all areas of IP, such as prosecution, enforcement, transaction, licensing, commercialization, IP finance, IP information and data service, etc.

1. Honorary awards

In January 2017, Sinofaith won the title of “Advanced Collective of National Patent System” awarded by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and State Intellectual Property Office.

In October 2017, the White Paper on China’s Protection of Intellectual Property was promulgated by the State Council is published. Two cases of Sinofaith have been listed in the “White Paper” which means they are benchmark cases representing the achievements of our government in protecting intellectual property.

In 2017, Sinofaith also undertook national level and Shanghai municipal level major special intellectual property assignments.

2. Recent Accomplishments

1) Cases

In 2017, we have completed tens of thousands of actions authorized by our clients, and achieved accomplishments as follow:

  • Over 900 trademark registration
  • More than 3200 patent application
  • Over 150 cases of trademark objection or invalid
  • Over 15 cases of patent objection or invalid
  • More than 200 cases of the Customs seizure
  • More than 300 thousand online infringement links were taken down
  • More than 3000 times anti-counterfeiting investigation and law enforcement action
  • Over 600 times criminal law enforcement, and over 1000 infringers were arrested
  • More than 10000 times test-buy and authentication
  • Over 1200 cases of trademark infringement and counterfeiting litigation
  • Over 300 cases were conciliated successfully, and recovered more than 50 million loss for our clients
  • Over 5000 SKU and total 12 million online links were monitored
  • More than 10000 pieces of pictures were monitored
  • Over 1000 online literatures were monitored
  • More than 100 online movies, videos, and games were monitored

2) Government supported projects

In 2017, through open bidding and other forms, major national and Shanghai municipal special tasks that Sinofaith undertook or participated in include:

  • National Rail Transport Intellectual Property Operation Center
  • Shanghai artificial intelligence industry intellectual property protection and operation platform
  • FTA Special Project – World Expo Center Derivatives Licensing Center
  • Shanghai patent quality and application rating platform
  • Construction of Intellectual property public service platform of Expo Park, Lujiazui Park and Songjiang District

3. Intellectual Property Finance

Sinofaith and Wheat Financial, a financial institution, co-designed and developed the intellectual property pledged loans products, “Kelend” and successfully released the maximum loan of RMB 5 million in one-piece patent in 2017 under the market-oriented operation.

4. Industrial integration

In 2017, Sinofaith planned the IPB HUB project in Zhangjiang National Science City in Shanghai to bring together global high-end intellectual property commercialization service industry i and build “highland” of intellectual property commercialization in China to better serve the construction of Zhangjiang Science City.