Administrative Enforcement

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways of enforcing IP rights in China can be making use of administrative actions. Consequently, we have been managing many thousands of counterfeits, trademark or patent infringement, unfair competition/passing off successes in different product areas and able to provide these quick and cost effective solutions to IP infringement.

Border Protection

Sinofaith attaches great importance to the role of import & export intelligence playing on the execution of IPR enforcement in customs. Where possible, we try to stop infringing goods before they enter the destination market or when they are passing through often-used transit ports. Customs are well placed to intercept and seize shipments exported by land, air or sea.

Criminal Prosecution

Criminal prosecution, the most stringent and most effective measure, is one sure method of rolling back the counterfeit tide. Sinofaith is the pioneer of the practice of criminal prosecution. We earn prestige in our business field for we not only lay stress on the practice of such cases very early, but also have established the links to criminal authorities throughout China – grasp of the enforcement landscape in different areas and ability to support both criminal and civil litigation enable us to help companies prosecute wrongdoers swiftly.

Civil Litigation

Currently in China, when similar trademarks, unfair competition, patent infringement and copyright disputes are concerned, civil proceeding is usually a more efficient alternative compared to the administrative procedures. In addition to having the authority to impose an infringer, right holders may also establish their legal claims through litigation. Litigation can also lead to a settlement. Each year Sinofaith professional intellectual property lawyers team win numerous IP civil lawsuit for its client, with the supportive sufficient evidence from Sinofaith investigation team’s work.

Online Protection

Sinofaith online protection team provides systematic online market place IP infringement monitoring and services including quickly delete of link to sales info of infringing products, online to offline investigation and enforcement, as well as online IP management consulting.

Tradeshow IP Protection

Though less and less trademark infringement is seen at tradeshows, patent infringement is comparatively frequent. According to regulations in China, displaying IP infringing products at tradeshows is illegal and is enforceable. Besides IP right enforcement on site, exhibition can also be a good spot of evidence collection, in preparation for future legal actions. For solutions of IP protection at exhibitions, Sinofaith team helps our client preparing relevant materials in advance, collect and fix evidence on site, and enforce the right by reporting to authorities and make the infringer to stop displaying related products as a result.

IP Management Consulting

IP Protection Strategic Planning Consulting

With the insight that IP protection work usually is unsystematic in corporations, Sinofaith has developed a technology based system to manage, analyze and visualize case information and sample information which enable the client to mine the data for intelligence supporting informed decision making in daily IP protection work. Intelligence one can get from the system, for instance, includes key products, key regions, ranking of suspicious targets etc. Relying on this system, Sinofaith experts provides IP Protection Strategic Planning Consulting to its clients.

IP Risk Management

Sinofaith helps companies to take preventative steps by tightening their internal processes and providing detailed screening services of employees, vendors and partners to future reduce exposure to IP risk in daily operations.

Threat Assessment & Measurement

By combining advanced statistical models and detailed sampling methodologies, the extent of counterfeit products having penetrated the marketplace could be accurately assessed by the Sinofaith market and retail test program which helps companies to develop targeted strategies and assess the on-going effectiveness of their initiatives.

Commissioned IP Management

Via the Easy-IP Platform developed by Sinofaith, Commissioned IP management service is provided to small and media enterprises and hi-tech companies. Such services include trademark and patent prosecution and related consultation, IP maintenance, patent portfolio management, IP and innovation related government policy consultation, IP legal counseling etc..

Trademark Right Filing & Prosecution

China’s trademark registration and the number of trademark related cases ranked first in the world in recent several consecutive years, which not only reflects the raising awareness of the importance of trademark and its protection, but also reflects the serious challenge faced by honest market players in the field of trademark filing and prosecution. Frequent bad faith registration like “passing-off” and “malicious trademark registration” and bad faith initiatives regarding determination of trademark right, typically trademark invalidations, trademark oppositions and “cancellation of registered trademarks which have ceased to be used for three consecutive years” have brought to right holders threats and damages like dropping of sales, serious trademark dilution and shelving of business plans.
Sinofaith professional intellectual property lawyers team led by well-known trademark lawyers with over 20 years of experience, has been providing services including overall trademark strategy consultation, application, monitoring and legal services on case of determination of trademark right, to fortune 500 MNCs and domestic enterprises. In the practice of trademark legal affairs over the years, Sinofaith intellectual property lawyer team established a profound understanding of the present situation and trend of Chinese trademark legislation and judicature, has accumulated considerable practice and litigation skills, and has been equipped with the ability to help clients to solve complex and difficult trademark filing and prosecution issues.

IP Data Service

IPRSEE Platform

With a new mode from online monitoring to offline IPR solutions, IPRSEE Platform provides one-stop solution services including network monitoring, data visualization and analysis, link deleting services, etc.

Easy-IP Platform

As one of the partners growing together with the growth-type enterprises, Sinofaith has independently researched and developed the Easy-IP Platform based on the mode of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide the long-term Commissioned IP management service.

IPRM Platform

During the release period, the box office could be full-range protected by the IPRM Platform, which provides real-time services monitoring, blocking and combating Internet piracy. IPRM Platform has been providing quality copyright protection for more than fifty copyright agencies when hundreds of film and television works have been protected.

IP Information Management System

IP Information Management System of Sinofaith includes Administrative-Criminal law enforcement information sharing platform and IP public service platform. The former is an information sharing system used by administrative and criminal IP enforcement authorities to share case information. The latter is a platform built for government bodies to service local enterprises in aspect of IP knowledge acquiring, sourcing of IP service and applying for government support regarding IP. Sinofaith teams also provide consultation to enterprises who are users of the platform.

IP Commercialization

Copyright Licensing

Our copyright licensing team is comprised of seasoned licensing & marketing executives with extensive global licensing & brand management backgrounds. Our understanding of country-specific trends and nuances offers brands both a local and global market perspective on branding and licensing that are instrumental in creating successful licensing programs for world class brands. The team has significant experience across all types of brands including Entertainment, Corporate, Celebrity and Fashion.

Patent Commercialization

Based upon the capability in patent portfolio making, appraisal and planning, Sinofaith Patent Team provides Patent Appraisal, Patent Financing, Patent Transaction, Patent Insurance and Patent Licensing services for over MNCs and a number of famous local enterprises.

Commercial Investigation & Business Intelligence

A dedicated team of Sinofaith provides sophisticated commercial investigation and Business Intelligence services including:

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Due Diligence (investigative/reputational)
  • Vendor Integrity Checks
  • Background Checks/Employment Screening
  • Litigation Supporting
  • Business Credit Reporting
  • Industry Analysis and Market Entry Support,
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research,
  • Competitor Analysis and Continuous Monitoring,
  • Conference and Tradeshow Intelligence.